The Good Poison Club



‘Toxic Tina’ is a dedicated nurse battling to do her best for her patients as austerity bites in the NHS. When not at work she’s determinately trying to salvage her chaotic love life, pinning her hopes on internet dating, despite the warnings from her dad. Tina’s perplexed when the Ministry of Health spends a small fortune on a luxurious new facility and her work life gets considerably more complicated when she’s put in charge of a therapy group which her patients call ‘Toxic Tina’s Good Poison Club’. Claire, known to her colleagues as the Ice Queen, is a rising star in the intelligence service.

She’s thrown into the deep end when attendees at a NATO sponsored cyber security conference come down with possible food poisoning. The CIA believe the Afghani chef from the conference catering company is responsible and the Ice Queen is given responsibility to discover if the chef is a terrorist, or just unlucky. The chef, Mo, is a patient on Tina’s ward, meaning Claire and Tina’s world are set to collide. As Tina discovers her patient’s bucket lists could lead to potentially disastrous consequences, Claire is caught in a whirlwind of plots, blind alleys and obscure 1980s documentaries, as she tries to uncover the truth behind the poisoning. An extraordinary tale about the NHS, austerity, inappropriate behaviour, humiliation, obsession, bodily fluids, and of course poison! A rollercoaster of a story that is bang up to date.

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